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11-26-2012, 10:36 AM
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Here's my primary gripe about the players is that they just keep moving the goal posts. All along theyve said 50/50 is acceptable as long as existing contracts are honored, which would provide them with a soft landing to 50/50. The NHL's last proposal does a really, really effective job at meeting those terms. The "make whole" provision is almost exactly what the players were saying was needed to make 50/50 an acceptable split. Theyve got that now. It's done. The money split should be all wrapped up.

So whats left to fight about? UFA eligibility, arbitration rights, and term and variance limits on contracts. The last two of those four issues impacts less than five percent of union membership. Want to die on that hill NHLPA? Really? Want to nuke a season of earnings, decertify, file anti trust lawsuits, get this mess tied up in the courts for the next five years, have at least a fifty percent chance of seeing all of those efforts fail, and risk losing yet another season, and never ever getting another offer as sweet as the nhls last? For issues impacting less than five percent of you? Absurd. Arbitration is another one that will impact a ridiculously low percentage of current union members in their life time.

That leaves UFA eligibility. The fact that the NHL backed off of ELC changes tells me they'll back off UFA changes, too. Those were meant to work together to make pretty large changes to what second contracts look like. Without the ELC changes, I think the nhl could eventually concede on UFA changes once the player association wakes the **** up.

What's left? Revenue sharing? The NHL has already come a long way up on that and haven't really been harping on those big time concessions. Makes me believe they'll come up a little more. Honestly they probably shouldn't come up a whole lot more because there will be way too many welfare teams unwilling to give competition a shot. I don't think players want that either.

In my mind, if the NHL drops the ufa changes, and adds another ten percent to their revenue sharing offer, than it really does look to me like the vast majority of NHLPA membership will have got the offer they've said they were looking for.

Too bad they don't actually know what it is they want.

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