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11-26-2012, 10:59 AM
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Originally Posted by supertacks View Post
Made a trip in the other night to watch the AAA Stars play. It must have been cloudy, because there wasn't any out!
I had expected more, listenning to Martin Smith on the radio talk his team up.
Some decent players but the guys I had heard the talk about were duds! Just take a look at the team points board. 1point, 1point, 1point, these are the "Stars" of the future? I was impressed with semi-locals Joel Blaquere and Kyler Hope, who happenned to be on the Mintos, but overlooked by North Battleford. Hmmmm!
You are right Jumbo Jakes, it is not only the Stars Board but the Battlefords Minor Hockey Board that needs a total change. Just look what they pulled last year.
They could learn alot from a couple minor hockey boards, east and west of them on highway 16. Glad to be done with Battlefords Minor Hockey.
But now the Stars have been on a winning streak lately! I watched my first game recently and was impressed by their work ethic. The team just plain outworked their opponent. Still a couple of large gaps in the defense but it's a hugely improved sqad.
For you guys that have been watching what has been their secret of success?

Winning 5 in a row is impressive!

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