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11-26-2012, 11:33 AM
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Originally Posted by KingKopitar11 View Post
You mean around Christmas right. I hope they pull off an NBA but Fehr and friends look like they have the IQ of a Potato.

There are several players and agents who are happy to talk about their displeasure off the record at how things are going and most of them are saying the exact same thing and that is that they aren't going to sit back and let an entire season slip away with nothing to show for it. Both sides are feeling the squeeze and are trying to make the other blink first but that will only go on so long before someone actually blinks.

I have heard that most people are optimistic that we might see NHL play start up again as early as January but I haven't seen any indications that this might be true.

Some of the indicators that I look at outside of the usual (talking with players coaches agents etc) are things like booking availability at major sporting arenas where NHL teams play, conditional contracted employees (some arenas use these types of contracts for everything from their soda jerks to their ice crews and more) and each level of NHL officials (refs, scorers etc).

So far nobody is making any plans or any bookings for travel for Dec through Jan but that can change at a moments notice so it isn't a great indicator of what might be happening, only solid proof that something has happened once something does.

That said, allot of people seem to think that things are about to get done and that we will see some NHL hockey to start the new year. I am optimistic but my gut says who knows?

Originally Posted by Ron View Post
Probably the same people that predicted hockey would be back in time for Thanksgiving.

At this point in time, there has been nothing to indicate there will be any agreement in place for the foreseeable future. These guys are not even meeting! You would think that Bettman, Daly, Fehr and Fehr would have nothing else to do (besides Xmas shopping, maybe) but it's a stare-off.

Really, it has been head-scratching, watching these bone-heads NOT negotiate.
Actually, it is the exact same people who thought that hockey would be back to start December in my case but they are the people who play the game or coach/manage and represent the people who do so I guess it goes to show you that even they don't really have any idea of what is actually happening.

Some people say that there are and have been several more clandestine "meetings" (conference calls etc) between the two parties and that what they are discussing now more than anything is the percentage of sharing or at least that is the sticking point but who knows?

I know that I am still just as busy with what I do with the only exception being that I see more and more NHL kids playing in the minor leagues today then I did a few weeks ago so who knows how things are actually going.

The hockey has been pretty great and exciting all over the world due to the lockout but things feel weird without the NHL leading the way.

Think about this, the KHL SEL all of JR hockey which consists of several league's around the world and more are making more money due to the influx of NHL players during this short amount of time then they do in a typical year in most cases.

There is a team in the KHL who's ticket prices and attendance has almost tripled due to a couple of star players and every place that this team plays is sold out. Now think about the size of most EU rinks and how many humans they hold and you can see why everyone except the NHL has a vested interest in this lock out lasting as long as possible.

Not that it has any bearing on what is going on really, just a thought about how there isn't really any reason for any player to cry poverty if they are willing to travel in one way or another.

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