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11-26-2012, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by rt View Post
Here's my primary gripe about the players is that they just keep moving the goal posts. All along theyve said 50/50 is acceptable as long as existing contracts are honored, which would provide them with a soft landing to 50/50. The NHL's last proposal does a really, really effective job at meeting those terms. The "make whole" provision is almost exactly what the players were saying was needed to make 50/50 an acceptable split. Theyve got that now. It's done. The money split should be all wrapped up.
I take the simpler view that the PA has been saying 50/50 isn't okay, at least averaged over the term of the next CBA. All of their proposals have been some variation of 50/50 + X or we'll be 50/50 someday, but until then we get 50% + X. It all comes down to how big X is.

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