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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
That is not really an analogous comparison though. The Russian Super League was an appropriate place for Datsyuk to learn while on the job early in his career. The Jets can't really afford to have Burmistrov learn while on the job at the NHL level as it is not a developmental league.

I was never really on side with those that used Datsyuk as a comparative to Burmistrov's eventual potential anyway. Datsyuk's strength as a player has always been puck management - even back in his RSL days; conversely, Burmistrov's clear weakness is puck management at this level. He continually made poor decisions with the puck throughout the year last season and that is not long tolerated at the NHL level.

You may indeed be correct that Burmi will be a fine player in 2 or 3 years time, but it seems doubtful the Jets can wait that long given that they've Jokinen, Little, & now Scheif waiting in the pipeline. They can't really send Burmi to the AHL for 18 months (which is what he needs), as RSL has since evolved into the KHL and is now a league that can afford to draw native C.I.S. players back home. If he continues to make poor decisions with the puck at the NHL level when the league resumes play then I'm guessing we'll see him either traded elsewhere or go back home. It won't really prove a poor decision by the Jets if he indeed does blossom down the road and winds up an eventual solid player elsewhere, as management are really handcuffed by circumstance and his pending RFA status right now in my view.
I heartily disagree.

Burmi clearly hasn't been as good as hoped, but he's still a very effective two way player and can handle the defensive aspect of the game more then adequately enough to be a third line center.

Jokiniens only signed for two years, afterwhich antropov and ponikorovsky are off the books as well, so I don't see why you'd trade him? In two years we should be running one of scheif/little little/burmi burm/scheif as 1a)1b) centers, meaning the odd man out takes the third line(or rw).

The benfit here is all three of our centers are (or are projecting as) very competent defensively, meaning the odd man out would be perfectly at home centering your third line.

so what, you'd trad him just because he's playing back on the third line? Are we assuming burmi won't agree to play in the NHL in a third line role?? I'm sorry, i don't follow the rational that burmi is a top 6 or bust player when his main talents, currently, are those well suited to a defensive player.

He may never end up worth his draft status, but i'm fairly confident that by the time we admit that, the jig will be up and the rest of league will know it too so you won't be getting back more value. Why would you arbitrarily put a timeline on him AND declare him a top 6 or nothing player? Both of those seem to border more on decisions made in spite rather then in logic, or am i just missing something?

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