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Originally Posted by MetalheadPenguinsFan View Post
Oh so you mean that even though the game now technically "starts" at 7PM...puckdrop will be in reality at like 7:10PM then??? And by commercial breaks you mean random stoppages in play/little intermission-esque random things (i.e. the random tshirt tosses or whatnot they do for fans sitting in whatever section).

At first when I read what you put I'm like "commercial breaks....what's she talking about??? I'll be watching live...not on TV."

But yeah I'll apparantly be in the new blue section. So just to verify...there are elevators to get all the way up to the blue section eh??? And ditto for getting down from there to leave after the game???

IIRC, all I know about the new blue seats is that they are roomier, I think there's an elevator, and that the beer guy comes right to your seats??? Right???? And if the beer guy does come to your seat, does that mean you can just drink your beer in your seat??? Or do you need to go drink it in the concourse as per usual??

Speaking of beer, what beers do we have available to drink @ the Aud??? IIRC, I saw big cans of Molson and other swill being sold when I went to the Rangers/Steelheads game earlier this month. Do I dare be bold and ask if the Aud sells the Guinness Draught cans (yum)?
I have my seats in the blue, have been told there is an elevator up to that section, though havent seen it myself. All the stairwells up are very roomy and have adaquete railings, as do the stairs going up the section, and infront of each row in the event you do require some form of assistance.

There is an elevator near the bar/lounge area which takes people to suit level, which is the same as the new section just the opposite side of the rink, I anticipate you can access blue seats from this area if you go the route of the restaurant.

As for beer, they will serve you in the seats, though they dont come around often. Probably will do so more often Friday due to it being a Sportsnet game.

Beer in the blues is tall cans, Canadian and Coors Light. If you prefer more of a premium beer, you will have to get it in the Bar. They have Canadian and Coors Light on tap there, as well as bottles of MGD, Heinekin I believe, Corona, and a couple others, no Guiness though.

You can drink in your seats in the blue as well, doesnt matter where you bought the drink.

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