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11-26-2012, 12:18 PM
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Here's a good look at what likely comes next: Decertification. This is serious b'ness.

If it happens we can for sure say goodbye to this season, because it takes a while (month+) to go into effect, then all the court battles start. This seems like the sort of thing that if the courts side with the players and put big fines on the owners, we could be talking about a league-altering event. The owners could turn this whole thing into a giant legal war, possibly ending the league as we know it because of the costs involved.

Somehow if the court rules the lockout is illegal, I don't see that being the end of it / the owners making a new CBA with their tail between their legs. I see them taking out their own legal guns and opening fire on whoever is available as a target. Ego-driven billionaires aren't going to back down in that situation IMO.

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