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11-26-2012, 12:19 PM
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Am I crazy to consider an intermediate stick?

After learning to skate in my mid 30's and playing hockey for a couple of years, I'm beginning to find all the things that I've been doing wrong.

I made the switch from defense to offense, and was having all sorts of issues stickhandling with my sticks. I deliberately went long when I was playing d, because I only touched the puck to make a poke check, and a quick pass to a forward, and I wanted all the reach I could get.

In my last game I tried a shorter stick (one I had previously used for floor hockey, because I thought it was a couple inches too short for me on skates) and I noticed how much better I felt on the ice. Not only could I actually handle pucks at my feet, but I also felt like I was skating much better, because I was forcing myself to be lower to the ice.

I currently have a 2 piece setup. My current shaft is 54" and I'm looking to take it down to 52 or 51. That would obviously increase the flex rating, and despite practicing my shot a lot, I'm still not consistently flexing the stick properly.

My question is, should I even consider grabbing a 50" intermediate shaft, and adding a inch or two plug if necessary? I thought making the stick easier to flex, would help me be more consistent with doing it, or at 6'2" 290, would I just snap it?

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