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11-26-2012, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by bp13 View Post
Here's what scares me:

The vast majority (80%+) of his home runs have come from the left side. Though 50% of his home runs have been on the road, considering that his left-handed HR's at Yankee Stadium at least were hit in a joke of a ballpark, I think that probably translates to roughly 6-10 total home runs at Fenway next season. Add that to an average of roughly 10-12 road HR's and you've got a 16-22 home run guy.

Now if you argue those numbers are just a hair low, if he comes to Boston we are looking at a 20-ish HR guy, not a 25+ guy. So while he may add flexibility, OPS, (unbelievably annoying demeanor) and apparent "clubhouse" positives, we need to be wary of how much to spend for that production.

End of the day he is unfortunately, probably the best offensive option out there for this team (assuming they stay clear of Hamilton). But it seems as though a few seasons in a little league ballpark are going to get him overpaid by his next employer.
Understandable, but he also put 35 out in Oakland one year, which is pretty difficult to do.

And people have to remember that it is not exactly all that easy to put one out to left at Yankee Stadium (or at least it pales in comparison to right). I figure that a decline in homers from the left said would happen, but an increase from the right side would too as a product of playing in Fenway.

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