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11-26-2012, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Have to disagree here, Crosby is the closest to Gretzky since Greztky. Similar style, maybe even more speed than Gretzky. One comparison I really noticed was, early in Gretzky's career, he was more of a passer, still scored a decent amount of goals, but more of an assist man. When Gretzky decided he wanted to score more goals, all he did was score a record 92 goals in one season. The game is different now, but Crosby's career started similarly. Was an assist man in the start of his career, decided he wanted to score more goals, and he wound up with his first 50 goal season, leading the league in goals (tied with Stamkos I believe). Crosby is also the youngest captain to ever win the Cup, a Gold medalist for Canada's Olympic team (scored the Gold Medal winning goal). He is truly the closest to Gretzky I've seen. 5th all time in points per game, yet playing in a different lower scoring era than 3 of the players ahead of him.
maybe i just don't remember too well, but I don't recall Gretzky weaving in & out of defenders the way Crosby can/does. Crosbys game is fancier & more powerful & based more on his legs than Gretzky whose game was based on his head & hands. not to even imply that Crosby doesn't have incredible hockey sense & hands, because he clearly does.

Like Wayne, John seems to go to where the puck is going to be, not to where the puck already is. Maybe I just need to see Crosby on a regular basis, but it seems to me like he goes & gets the puck & then does something awesome

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