Thread: Value of: Marian Gaborik at 2013 Draft
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11-26-2012, 01:36 PM
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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
The problem with that is that you would then have to pay THAT player 3+ million a season.

The ONLY reason there is in dealing Gaborik is that you shed the full and complete 7.5 million he is set to earn giving the team the financial flexibility to sign McDonagh, Stepan, Hagelin, and Sauer.

The raises these guys get will devour the 7.5 Gabby makes.

The following season a tougher decision is going to need to be made to account for the raises that Callahan & Lundqvist WILL get in addition to the raise that Kreider will also get.

That decision is going to be to let Girardi walk as a UFA or do you trade him at the deadline.

If we are contending, he walks as a UFA, unless a team blows the Rangers away at the deadline and even then I kind of doubt they trade him
I'm not so sure. Unless Girardi is looking to completely break the bank, I could see him fitting within the cap.

Right now the Rangers are roughly $11M under the cap(according to capgeek). Assuming Del Zotto gets around $3.5M, that leaves $7.5M. After the season, assuming Halpern and Eminger walk, and Sauer is either traded or let go, that opens up another $2.7M in cap space, bringing the total back up to $10.2M. Even if McDonagh gets $5M(a $3.7M raise), Stepan gets $4M($3.125M raise), and Hagelin gets $2M($1.125M raise) - that still leaves $2.25M cap space. That number goes up to about $4M when you factor in Drury's buyout coming off the cap. The only roster hole would be a d-man to replace Eminger's spot, which could be a rookie, which would only bump the cap down about a million.

Now you head into the 2014 offseason with $3M in capspace. That number goes up to $10.5M with Gaborik($7.5M) leaving, and then up to $13.8M when you factor in Pyatt($1.55M), Asham($1M) and Bickel($0.75M) leaving as well. Let's assume worst case scenario, where Callahan gets bumped up to $6M per year($1.725M raise), Lundqvist gets bumped up to $8M per year($1.125M raise), Boyle up to $3.5M per year($1.8M raise), Stralman up to $3M($1.3M raise) and Kreider up to $3.5M per($2.175M raise), that still leaves about $5.675M in space to give Girardi his $1.675-2.175M(which would take him to either $5M or $5.5M, definitely fair IMO). Let's say he get's $5.5M, that still leaves $3.5M in cap space assuming guys like Rupp, Haley and Biron re-sign for the same amount. If they won't, you find other options that will.

Obviously the cap could drop, which could change things, but if so I think guys like Stralman and Boyle would be easier to part with than Girardi, and should arguably provide enough relief($6.5M in cap according to this scenario).

Sorry for the long-windedness, but I just don't think Girardi needs to be a casualty of the cap as well. Gaborik, yes, but IMO not Girardi.

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