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11-26-2012, 12:36 PM
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Anyone wanna buy an authentic Callahan home, size 46, with the 85th anniversary patch and assistant's 'A'? (accurate to the year we wore the 85th anniversary patch).

It's still mint, though I wore it to a few games. I'm, unfortunately, very broke this Christmas, due to the horrendous economy and me being laid off (so soon after graduating and actually finding a job, yay!), and the only thing of decent value that I actually CAN sell (not like I can sell my car or my phone or clothes) is my Callahan jersey. It sucks and I never planned on parting with it, since it's kind of unique, being an authentic with the 85th patch and the A (but not the heritage style jersey), but since it doesn't look like we're going to have a season and I need to get the lady friend something nice for Christmas, I figure I'll see if anyone is interested. I'll just ask for a replica Rangers jersey for my birthday down the road and make due with that.

Also, regarding size 46, a lot of people expect it to be too small, but I'm 5'10 190lbs and pretty built for my height and it fits me fine, even with a sweater under.

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