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11-26-2012, 12:47 PM
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Originally Posted by newfr4u View Post
then you don't know what overtraining is. start reading and come back if you still have questions.
There's no need to be rude...

As for the link you provided, sigh... It's arguing semantics, trying to redefine overtraining to be the most extreme manifestation of it for your "select few". Juxtaposing the need for 6 months rest with being tired for 2 days after is a workout is a pretty sloppy argument.

I don't see the point in dismissing the condition where an athlete digs him/herself into a hole that requires weeks of limited/non-activity in order to recover. It's a legitimate problem, one that many dedicated recreational athletes run into, and it's not like the author doesn't acknowledge that it happens. He just doesn't like what it's called. Who cares what it is called? Why try to redefine a commonly used concept? Why not call it "chronic overtraining"? Sure seems to be more accurate when describing someone who needs 6 months of time off to dig their body out of the hole it's in.

He basically acknowledges the semantic nature of his argument:

But if you recover in 2 weeks, you werenít overtrained, you were simply overreached. Think of it as overtraining light; the same types of overload that generate overreaching in the short-term eventually lead to true overtraining when continued in the long-term.
See, it's "overreaching" or "overtraining light" vs "overtraining heavy" or "chronic overtraining". Why not stick with the definition that everyone else is used to?

The author finally confesses that there is no point to his point, emphasis mine:

That is, if it took you 2-3 weeks to return to the same or higher fitness level, you were only overreached. If it took you longer than that, you were overtrained. Interesting but hardly useful when youíre the one who canít perform anywhere close to your previous bests and donít know how long it will take you to get back to form.
I couldn't agree more. This is what Guffaw was referring to, a condition that I have suffered numerous times, and a state that I'm sure many serious recreational athletes care about.

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