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11-26-2012, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Pondslider View Post
I'm not saying he won those games single handedly, but can it really get that much worse with Jackson instead of Fitzpatrick? Fitzpatrick was 4-10-1 before coming to Buffalo with a 12/17 TD/INT ratio. In the two years in Cincinnati before coming here he played 14 games and averaged 136 yards a game. What puts him on another level to Jackson other than the fact that he already has the job?
Yes, it can. Fitzpatrick is not a great QB, and we know he's not the future, but he's better than Jackson and Thigpen.

You're making the same argument that gets made for losing teams. People around Buffalo wanted Reich to be the starter over Kelly every time he played a bad game or two. Same thing happens with Miller. The backups are always considered 'not much worse' until they get in, then people remember why they were backups in the first place.

Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
we need a new owner before they can get the right GM and coach in here. Until that happens, none of the top GM or coaching candidates will seriously consider Buffalo.
This. Nobody can seriously expect any significant change down there until ownership changes hands.

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