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Originally Posted by CDJ View Post
Understandable, but he also put 35 out in Oakland one year, which is pretty difficult to do.

And people have to remember that it is not exactly all that easy to put one out to left at Yankee Stadium (or at least it pales in comparison to right). I figure that a decline in homers from the left said would happen, but an increase from the right side would too as a product of playing in Fenway.
Left field isn't all that tough in Yankee stadium either, and frankly, he doesn't have much power to left. But right field is quite simply a joke. All tolled we might see him hit a few more to left than he otherwise would, but the homers from his power side would decline a great deal.

And while that Oakland number is impressive, it's also an old number. Meaning who knows what kind of 'help' he had, and he was a bit younger too.

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