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11-26-2012, 02:10 PM
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Originally Posted by caniac247 View Post
And fortuntely for the league, majority of the fans, i'd venture to guess 95% have that point of view.

I've thought about cancelling my tickets, been a STH since 2001, but my reasons for not outweigh the reasons for cancelling.

For me, going to games is entertainment/social event. Really the only time I get to see my seatmates is at the games. We try and do things over the summer, but not everyone can get together, so the games are when we hang out and see each other.

Another reason is that I absolutly LOVE having hockey here. I love being able to go to the games. This team needs the fans in order to stay here. As much as the owners and players are pissing me off, its the sport that I enjoy. Players will come/go, the sport is here to stay no matter how many lockouts there are. So I will continue to do my part to ensure I get to see live hockey each year.
Your reasons are good and it's why everybody has to decide for themselves. I live an hour away, so there is another element to my decision. The lockout made me rethink my commitment and I realized that I would be okay going to about 10 games a year when I consider the distance. I can pick up tickets with the various deals and go when I want to go. I would have never even thought twice about it if not for the lockout.

As for supporting the team and keeping them here, I can't do enough to undo the damage from repetitive lockouts. I was giving about half of my season tickets to family and friends before just to get others interested. I can't afford to support the team when they aren't doing anything for themselves.

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