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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I really don't understand how anyone can use lack of Hart recognition against Lidstrom when the standards have so obviously changed.
Honestly, I'm not sure the standards have changed all that much.

We agree that Langway was a more of an MVP type than a Norris type, right? I mean, the guy made a night-and-day difference to his organization in a way that few players have ever paralleled. And we all agree, I hope, that Bourque was similarly important to the Bruins.

So strike those two guys from the list and what do you have since the WHA merger? A couple of token nods to Coffey and Howe, then many years later a "perfect storm" win by Pronger and a nod to Lidstrom.

It seems to me that the standard has been pretty much the same, that defensemen just don't get a whole lot of consideration at all except for the occasional 4th-place finish after a particularly strong year. The record is skewed by Langway and Bourque, both of whom went above and beyond having a good season and got into the realm of changing the entire direction of their organizations.

And we should note that Langway got that recognition by putting up virtually zero offense, so out the window goes the "flashy players" theory.

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