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Originally Posted by joshjull View Post
I've seen a few posters mention that Girgensons gets nailed a lot.

Is that do to reckless play?

Or is it lack of awareness on his part? As in he doesn't have the speed/reactions to protect himself at the AHL level yet.
In my obviously non-professional opinion its a combination of a reckless attitude(which has resulted in some big hits and plays going in his favor mind you) and some unawareness. He's so eager to be involved in the play along the walls that it sets him up for physical damage. Alot of the hits I've seen him take have been along the boards and he seems to have his head down focused on the puck and not his surroundings. Then again for all I know he sees the hits coming and doesnt care and tries to keep on the puck...

Honestly at his current stage of development I liken him alot to a Kaleta type. I know he is suppose to evolve into the next Kesler and he will obviously surpass Kaleta in talent level but the similarities are striking through a handful of games...he tries to line up big hits every once in awhile, and isnt afraid to dish em in open ice...yet for as much punishment as he gives he seems to take just as much if not more lol similar to Patty...Patty tends to play on the reckless side and I def see that in Z. Patty is also very solid in his own right defensively and Z is amazing already...Ik I'll prolly get slammed for that comparison but keep inmind im just assessing where I see Z through the first what?..5th of the season?

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