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11-26-2012, 01:41 PM
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This is my third lockout as a fan. Each one has gotten easier. The first was brutal, I was driving to minor league games, and I drove to mass to watch the wjc's one day. That was fun and I don't know if I'd have done it without the lockout. Got to see samsonov and mattias ohlund play at that level which was awesome. Ohlund played well over half the game I saw.

Last lockout you just saw it coming a mile away, and you knew the season was lost. All the ups and downs of it drove me mad. When the game came back I watched just as much as ever but something didn't feel the same.

This one I've been blank for. I assumed it was happening all summer so it made the moves we did less impressive for me. What's the point getting jazzed when the apocalypse is upon us? What makes this one the most frustrating is that it's over nothing in comparison to the last one. The players have fehr whipping them into a frenzy with his slanted views, and "revenge" from the last lockout in their hearts. Of course not a single one of them lost out from the cap, and because of the minimum pay added no one does poorly. No little guy to cry for. Just the obviousness of half the teams not being able to hang in a cap world of 70 million, which is where the biggest teams were last time around. The cap works but they obviously need to tweak it. The only issue I'm glad the pa is fighting for is better revenue sharing. That's needed. Otherwise I'm fine with everything the league is going for. I don't think the league should have to pay the players for time lost either. The owners will bear the wrath of angry fans when it's over, the players should bear the wages lost to this point.

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