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11-26-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Birko19 View Post
If I was GSP, I would take the Silva fight at 177 catchweight and keep my 185-190 weight frame. Odds are he'll lose but I don't think it will be a big blow to his career because at 170, he's the best and he would have lost to the bigger best guy. If anything, Silva has more pressure on him for fighting the smaller guy.

Even though the odds are against GSP, I do think with a smart game plan he has a decent shot. For one thing, he needs to get this fight to the ground to have a shot, and with his takedowns being the best in the business, he has a decent chance there. But he needs something new on the ground. You can't expect to lay on Silva for 5 rounds, that's way too risky and so far, only Sonnen has come close to doing that. GSP needs to learn from the top BJJ guys he's training with how to advance and submit. In other words take Silva down and keep going for submissions. He might get submitted in the process but it sure beats da hell out of Anderson taking your head off on the feet.
Good post. I don't see weight being an issue in this weight if it is contested at 175 pounds. GSP would easily gain 5 lbs of muscle in 6 months, and would not have to drastically change his body or weighting style. It would be tougher for Anderson, as he would have to cut some muscle or risk being severely dehydrated in the weight. A fight at that would would come down to a battle between possible the two most effective weapons in mma history--GSP's takedowns and top control versus Anderson's devastating striking. Anyone who is against that idea is insane, it would literally be the greatest thing in MMA history.

Moving on the Jones versus Silva, there is an important piece missing in the discussion. Not only is Jones bigger, but he is in his athletic prime while Silva is 37.That fight could easily turn into Jones making Silva look like a pathetic old man. What ever happens in GSP/Silva, I think GSP will likely get some takedowns and control parts of the fight even if he eventually gets knocked out. I could see Jones take down Silva at will and annihilate him. The latter seems a lot lamer to me than the former.

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