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11-26-2012, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
Are you serious?


Yes the network pays the NHL, but the stream websites do not pay the EIHL clubs.

I still don't understand the point of what you're saying. Read the scenario I said and tell me exactly what doesn't make sense to you. The money is there either way...

You haven't factored in the revenue lost from ticket sales. You're clearly not aware of the typical demographic of a UK hockey fan. Families make up a large proportion of the attendances. Often you have mum and dad who are fans and they have to drag their 2 or 3 kids to the games and pay for them because they can't just leave them at home. Give them the option to watch a live stream and unless they're a season ticket holding die hard fan they are going to watch it and the club loses a **** load of ticket money.

Yes because hockey fans in North America are so different. We don't have hockey fans here that are parents that drag their kids to games despite having the option to watch the game for free on TV or the internet

If someone would rather watch the game on TV or on the internet it's because the experience of being in the rink was ****. 100% of hockey fans would rather watch a game live and be able to see everything going on, taking in the atmosphere that comes with a hockey game, regardless of what country the games being played in, hockey fans are hockey fans. Odds are those fans who had **** experiences in the rink won't be going back too often regardless of their other options. The point of a live stream or televising the game is to give an option to the people who can't make it to the rink every night.

What if someone from Aberdeen goes to a game in Edinburgh one night and actually enjoyed the experience. Obviously Aberdeen is a good distance away from Edinburgh and he can't exactly go to every home game. This new fans only option is to pay for a live stream to watch the team play? If it was me I'd probably say "**** this" and lose interest pretty quick, seeing as it's not a hockey mad culture, this scenario seems plausible to me. Now if that guy had an option to watch the streams live, maybe next time he's in Edinburgh, he's definitely going to watch another game live.

This scenario isn't completely made up, I know a guy from Orkney who lives in Aberdeen who went to 1 Capitals game in Edinburgh by my request, enjoyed himself but lost interest because he had no way of watching games.

But it is mostly only going to reach existing fans. Non-hockey fans aren't going to be following Dave Simms or the EIHL official twitter are they?

Well twitter is 1 part of social media yes. Pretty simple scenario for you, say Dave Simms, the EIHL official twitter, or even one of the team/players tweet out a link to a live stream of a game, that goes to all their followers. Then there's this magical button called retweet. So if one person clicks that, then all their followers get the tweet which contains the link. Obviously not everyone retweets and not everyone will click the link to watch the stream but it's obviously more than what's being done right now which is NOTHING
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Like I said before, for a guy who seemingly wants hockey in Great Britain to grow, you'll say whatever you can to make it sound like it's impossible

Also, I'd just like to add, a live stream is insanely easy to set up and there's no reason why an EIHL team couldn't stream their own games on their own website without the use of a live stream website. I just noticed that we didn't seem to understand each other on the whole live stream costs thing.

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