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Originally Posted by blitzkriegs View Post
I always find this "care about the fans argument" kinda funny. As a fan you are a consumer - that's it, nothing more or less. The NHL is an entertainment expense for the consumer, it just elects to spend it on the NHL.

Moreover, the NHL is a growing business. You as a fan aka consumer have already said you are a willing consumer. Dooubled down by the fact that revenues exploded after the last lockout with a lost season. You are money - that's it. The same reason the league can push on is the same reason the fans gripe about the game - it has a core passionate fan base that's in the upper income bracket. That's why corporations want in and stick around. It does not cater to the causal fans - its trying to do it, but it can leverage the core knowing the will come back - they already demonstrated they will.
that is 100% spot on. I always sad hockey is mainly hardcore fans. Unlike baseball football Etc those sports have hardcore fans but most of there fans are casual fans at best.
Same reason why George lucas did not care about the handful of hardcore fans who claim they will not buy his special edition movies etc. The money is from the much larger pool of casual fans rather then the rabid hardcore fan. This can be sad for any good.

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