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11-26-2012, 02:16 PM
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Yeah that's right, I'm quoting myself from an old thread. Deal with it.

Originally Posted by Yosemite Sam
Well, it's official. Vlad just isn't ready for the NHL.

“It was his decision and his choice. To my mind, he has got ahead of himself a little bit,” SKA St. Petersburg coach Riha said on the KHL website.

“I think that he could play a couple more years in KHL and grew to maturity as a hockey player. I can only wish him luck.”

The Blues should just cut their losses with this kid.

Obviously, coach is being a crybaby because Tarasenko didn't stay for the money. I mean this is the same guy who played Tarasenko 11 minutes a night during the playoffs when he was clearly the team's best player. Even when they were getting smoked in their final round he didn't make adjustments... probably because he thought Tarasenko needed to grow "to maturity as a hockey player."

Moron. Riha should have gotten fired.
And finally, someone took my valuable advice and the day has come.

Seriously though, anyone know why they fired him? Even though I have a hate on for the guy, the team IS in first place. That said, the firing comes after Vlad got 10 minutes of icetime in his last game. Coincidence? I think not!

Was it really a spat with Kovalchuk?

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