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11-26-2012, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by racerjoe View Post
So 42 is mid forty's? Guess I am hitting mid thirties this year at 31... Not to mention he is on record as saying he will most likely not finish out his contract, and so far the worst case scenario would have the Canucks taking the rap for it, and what you have said makes less sense than any of these trades.
43 and yeah it is. Nobody in their right mind agrees to a legally binding contract in writing with a verbal agreement nobody can prove that they won't actually need all of it to be honoured. If for example Tim Thomas continued playing this year and had a contact until he's 45 with the verbal agreement he'll retire before that, nobody is going to give up the same for him if it was a 1 year deal instead... even if he said he was going to retire next year anyways.

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