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11-26-2012, 03:29 PM
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Broken Runner - replace holder as well?

Hey hockey players,

So last night was the first time ever that I've broken a steel runner. I had my RBK's for 5+ years before getting my Grafs last year and never had an issue with the runners. Eitherway, I love my grafs

Anyway, I've been having a reoccurring issue with the the same holder over the past several months. The screw that tightens the runner would become lose. I'm sure I skated more than a number of times while it was lose as I could feel the difference, and last night was no exception. I felt something was wrong immediately and after a shift I got hold of a screw driver and tightened it up. A period and a half later, snap! Thankfully I wasn't hurt on the play and managed to get off the ice right away, and the ref saw the broken blade and got it before anyone else got injured.

So I have a theory that the reason the runner lost strength was from the constant vibration from being lose in the holder. I haven't diagnosed the holder yet, but I suspect the threading is bad. Has this ever happened with any of you? If the threading is bad then it leads me to think I need to get an entire new holder as well, but again I've never experienced this issue before.

Thanks in advance!

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