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I'm big on getting pucks up the ice quick. So I really hate when a skilled defenseman turns back into the defensive zone when pressured or the defense does a D to D to D to D pass waiting for players to break. Where are we going to break to... the other team already has 5 players on the defensive side of the red line.

I also hate players with blinders on. They leave the defensive zone and take the puck right to the net again... and again... and again. Sometime you get that hole but when its forced over and over again its mind numbingly annoying. I even hate when pro players do it never mind in a beer league.
but that's the proper way of dealing with the "trap"... turn back when all opposing players are back at the red line and break out with speed. forward turn back and support the D for passing options. when the group breaks out together with speed, there will be passing options as well as dump and chase options. the worst is forward standing still at the red line or opposing blue line waiting for a pass. even when the pass come, not much you can do standing still.

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