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Originally Posted by Bunk Moreland View Post
NHL and NHLPA have agreed to letting federal mediators sit in on their talks.. Hopefully this sparks something but you never know perhaps this growing threat of decertifying spooked the owners a tad?

Bob Mckenzie:

Here's official announcement:

Still not getting my hopes up that last line from Bobby Mac is a downer but whatever if this is what it takes to eventually get a deal then it should have been done weeks ago.

And before anyone gets optimistic from Chris Johnston of Canadian Press:
More - from

Talking about NFL lockout and previous experience of mediation teams with NHL - relevant bits below:


The process can work, but it also can fail. During the NHL lockout of 2004-2005 that resulted in the cancelation of the entire hockey season, there were three attempts at mediation. All ended in failure. The final attempt came on Feb. 13, 2005, at the request of Scot Beckenbaugh, then the acting FMCS director.

Although the hockey players union indicated for the first time its possible acceptance of a salary cap in Beckenbaugh's mediation session, the five-hour meeting produced no agreement. Three days later, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced the cancelation of the season.

It is perhaps worth a reminder that one of the NHL's management lawyers who led hockey's owners through that lockout seven years ago was Batterman, the same man now working with the NFL management negotiators.

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