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11-26-2012, 03:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Imaginary Threats View Post
Because in this situation it is impossible, the EIHL don't care about growing the game, they just care about making money. If they do free online streams they lose money.

It's as simple as that
Nothings as simple as that in business

A) If you're looking to make money, you don't buy a ****ing EIHL team That even applies to many North American teams. Yes, there's a business side to every sports franchise but you still have to think big picture...

B) It's still not impossible. Have you talked to anyone directly from the league or an individual team about anything of this nature? People used to say it'd be impossible to get the CHL to let EA Sports use their teams/players in a video game but a few years ago EA Sports simply asked and CHL said yes CHL said "We never even thought about this before" but gamers in Canada have been asking for it for years.

C) Like I said, nothing in business is simple as that because I can say that about a concept that you don't understand and to me it's simple but to you it's voodoo. For example, I'm saying that with the use a live stream and some marketing efforts, you can use the live stream to reach people who wouldn't normally get a chance to watch a game. Those people could end up enrolling in hockey, buying merchandise, or even showing up for games.

You can't really get the attention of a potential hockey fan in Stirling by selling tickets at the door in Edinburgh, simple as that

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