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11-26-2012, 03:18 PM
Behn Wilson
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I havent seen anyone else predict this but my gut feeling of what is going to happen is that Merle is going to kill The Governor as there will be a conflict between the two when the Governor finds out that Michonne is still alive, finding out that Merle lied to him about this.

Michonne will likely kill Merle then and there will be some conflict in the group going forward between Michonne & Daryl. Andrea will rejoin Rick's group as possibly will the mad scientest. I would have liked to see Merle join Ricks group. Michael Rooker is fantastic as a villain on this show and I wish he would still be around. But after torturing Glen and trying to kill Michonne it is not possible for him to be in this group anymore.

I hope neither Maggie or Glen get killed. That would be a serious buzzkill.

Id say the only 3 characters that are bullet proof from being killed are Rick, Daryl, & Michonne. They are too popular to off (unless the actors have other gigs lined up and are going to leave the show anyway.

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