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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
That is not really an analogous comparison though. The Russian Super League was an appropriate place for Datsyuk to learn while on the job early in his career. The Jets can't really afford to have Burmistrov learn while on the job at the NHL level as it is not a developmental league.

I was never really on side with those that used Datsyuk as a comparative to Burmistrov's eventual potential anyway. Datsyuk's strength as a player has always been puck management - even back in his RSL days; conversely, Burmistrov's clear weakness is puck management at this level. He continually made poor decisions with the puck throughout the year last season and that is not long tolerated at the NHL level.

You may indeed be correct that Burmi will be a fine player in 2 or 3 years time, but it seems doubtful the Jets can wait that long given that they've Jokinen, Little, & now Scheif waiting in the pipeline. They can't really send Burmi to the AHL for 18 months (which is what he needs), as RSL has since evolved into the KHL and is now a league that can afford to draw native C.I.S. players back home. If he continues to make poor decisions with the puck at the NHL level when the league resumes play then I'm guessing we'll see him either traded elsewhere or go back home. It won't really prove a poor decision by the Jets if he indeed does blossom down the road and winds up an eventual solid player elsewhere, as management are really handcuffed by circumstance and his pending RFA status right now in my view.
good post and fun debate Gump.

I wish I had the talent to break up your post and respond to sections of it like the fancy schmacy people do but alas I am a grinder at best in the tech world so I will need your talent to just figure out what bolded parts I am responding to.

To the point of Pavel Datsyuk and his development path lets drill a little bit deeper. I agree the Russian super league was a great spot for him to cut his teeth. Obviously getting picked in the sixth round in the draft as an overage player means he was not showing a whole heck of allot at the time or the entire scouting community had fallen asleep (doubtful). I heard an interview with Kenny Holland where the person talking to him said "Ken you guys obviously know what you are doing when you draft because look at how good Datsyuk turned out and you picked him in the 6th round" to which Ken replied "no we got lucky on that one because if we had any idea how good he would turn out we obviously would have taken him in the 1st or 2nd round". Now Ken was being modest but the point is somewhat relevant. I have no idea how good Pavel was back in the day but perhaps he learned allot of his puck handling skills while in Russia between the ages of 18 to 22? Lord knows in the 5 seasons between when he was 18 in 1996-97 and when he joined the Wings full time in 2001-02 he would have had allot of time to work on his skills. I have no idea how Pavel’s game looked when he was 18 or 19 but he certainly was out of the spotlight and not exposed to the rigors of an 82 game NHL schedule. Who knows, perhaps he had some troubles with puck management, or he was not physically mature and that is why it took so long for him to make it to the parent club? All I know is it took until he was 24 before he started to excel at an NHL level.

I would respectfully disagree with you on how long the Jets have with Burmi, I think we can afford to let him learn on the job within reason. You did say "if" he continues to make poor decisions with the puck and that is a good point. I think the key this season (if we have one) will be getting him on the 3rd line with veterans like Poni and Antro and simplifying the game plan. Classic 3rd line work where he spends time with a couple of savvy eastern bloc veterans who can communicate well will him will do his game a world of good (fingers crossed). If he gets put on the shut down, puck control via the cycle line I believe he could do pretty well and certainly not be a liability at least.

I don’t have the blinders on with Burmi and I have concerns like everyone else, it’s just that personally my expectations are tempered by his age.

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