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Originally Posted by wondeROY View Post
Anyone successfully use a pair of these and if so what brand? I'm only 5'7 and 14" guards seem too long and bulky. However apparently I have big calves because the 2 pair of 13" seniors I tried on were way too small around the calf wrap. The reebok pair I tried on wouldn't even reach around, about 2 inches too short.

Anyone have this issue, any suggestions on brand/model?
The only 2 companies I'm aware of that make "adult"-sized 13" shins are Bauer and Warrior. IMO, the Nexus(and it's predecessor "pro series") fit the shortest yet widest in the Bauer lineup.

When looking at Warrior, make sure the label says "adult" 13 though as they also make a jr size 13. But IMO, Warrior's shins seem to run about an inch or so bigger than other companies.

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