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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
I don’t have the blinders on with Burmi and I have concerns like everyone else, it’s just that personally my expectations are tempered by his age.
very well said PS, and I very much agree.

I think we can take our time with Burmi, but i do get Gumps concern. The jets will not rush him, and would likely be patient and giving him two more years. I think gumps concern is more, "will burmistrov give himself two more years?" If the jets bring him up this season (or next season) and he struggles and they decide to send him back to the A, will Burmi stay there, or will he try and get back to Russsia? He can't due to the new rules but I get where Gumps coming from. That being said, based off his interviews Burmi has always come across as a kid that wants to be in North America, and i'm not as concerned.

Also it's entersting to note that Burmi that Burmi went 8th overall... if you look at who went the years before him it's a rather unglamorous list of Zach Hamill, Mikael Boedker and Scott Glennie. Before that Is Devin Setoguchi, Alexander Picard, and Peter Meuller. Aside from Muellers rookie year, none of them have been remarkably better then Burmi. I'd argue the only one better then burmi on that list thus far is Setoguchi, who didn't play great untill three years after his draft (this year for burmi) and even then, he's hardly a superstar. Expectations need to be tempered in both Age and really just how good 8th overall picks tend to be...

edit:i looked further and 8th overall appears to be the very definition of mediocrity. Braydon Coburn (by far the best thus far, ironically drafted by Atlanta) followed by, Pascal leclair, Nikita Alexeeve, Pier marc bouchard, Taylor Pyatt, Mark Bell, Sergei Samsonov... .it goes on and on. Historically, 8th overall is one of the worst places to pick in comparison of how good that player usually ends up vs players picked shortly afterwards. If Burmi becomes a reliable top 9 he's doing better then most on this list.

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