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Originally Posted by TheBakester66 View Post
Statistically, players numbers transfer best from the NCAA. There is simply less time and space to work with and the teams are typically more polished across the league. There is a lot better balance of talent, which leads to less scoring. Point per Game scoring from the NCAA transfers typically about 20% better to the NHL game than in the CHL. Amongst the CHL leagues, the WHL is the best, The OHL is a few percentage points below that, and the Q is a few percentage points below that. (EDIT: For the Record, the USHL typically transfers at about 50% below the Q).

The CIS is nowhere near any of those leagues. In fact, it transfers at about 70% below the CHL.

A few points.

A) When was the last time you saw anyone in the NCAAs score more than (or even around) 2 PTS/GP? And i'm talking about players in a legit conference. The only one I can name definitively is Paul Kariya for the U of Maine in 92 and 93 (look it up). Whereas in the CHL, we've had plenty of guys get near or reach 2 pts/gp. Last Year, Sven Bartschi and Jonathan Huberdeau did it. There may be others, i haven't looked. It's a combination of the NCAAs being a much more team oriented game, better defense, less careless play, and the talent level of offensive players just not being as high as we see in the CHL year in year out.

B) The CIS is nowhere comparable to either league. How many NHLers have been even played in the CIS? I can think of one. Joel Ward. Joel Ward has one of the coolest paths to the NHL ever. Look it up.

The large majority of CHL players never make it to the NHL either. If you take a random CHL team, the chances of them having an NHL quality future player is fairly low, usually around 1 or 2. The CIS is made up of the rest of those CHL kids, the only difference is they are a bit older and more experienced.

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