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Originally Posted by WhipNash27 View Post
So can anyone recommend any good RPGs? Newer RPGs, let's say post-2000 with over the shoulder view of your character at a minimum (not a fan of the overhead view RPGs).

Here's the list of what I have right now:
Deus Ex (bought, haven't played yet)
Deus Ex: HR (beat multiple times)
Dragon Age: Origins (just bought)
ES: Skyrim (played once)
Fallout 3 (finished once)
Fallout: NV (only played briefly)
SW: KOTOR (about to finish)
SW: KOTOR II (just bought)
Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 (played multiple times (3 only once))
The Witcher 1, 2 (played many times)

I figure ES: Morrowind would be one, although I'm not all that big into the open world games.
You have a pretty good list there. RPG is my favorite genre and like was said Alpha Protocol is worth it (it is always cheap as well) as is Vampire:Bloodlines.

Also, Drakensang 1&2 are quite good (not AAA level games but similar to the Baldurs Gate type gameplay). Risen is good (I have Risen 2 but have not played it yet) as well as the Gothic series and are more "over the shoulder types". Divinity 2 - the Dragon Knight Saga is quite fun as well. I have heard good things about Kingdoms of Almur but have not played it. Also dont forget about Borderland 1&2, both are fairly good aRPGs (though I have not gotten very far into either).

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