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11-26-2012, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Yurog View Post
Do not confuse Marianne and Marcel Hossa.
Time spent in the European leagues are very specific on many factors, starting with the pre-season, and so on
My mistake, Marian Hossa split a whole season between Slovakia and Sweden. I understand there are other factors, but it seems that some leagues (e.g. Sweden) welcomed back their stars for only the last half of the season. This may not be the case in RSL/KHL, but obviously there are exceptions there as well (e.g. Jagr in '05).

I tend to look more favorably upon a player going to play in his home country during a lockout, even if it's not the best league available, than a NA player choosing a lesser league. OTOH, I can understand why NA players prefer Swiss & German leagues over better leagues which are more of a culture shock and less luxurious in terms of lifestyle. It's also more understandable that Sakic didn't play in a foreign league as compared to Lidstrom not playing in Sweden, but in either case they don't deserve full or nearly full credit for a season in which they basically didn't play anywhere.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Considering Elias got Hep C during the 2005 lockout, which may have cost him a 100 point season in the high scoring 2005-06 (he was on pace for 97 points after coming back) and might have affected his career later on, I'd definitely say his chances were affected by the lockouts. But that's not really what the OP is about.
I think it's directly related to the OP's question. Elias is a potential, but more borderline (in most people's eyes) HOFer. He was directly impacted by missing the '05 season, missing half of the '06 season and the current lockout. That's quite a lot of damage to his legacy (and physical being as a result of Hep C), that was directly caused by the lockout(s).

Originally Posted by TheNudge View Post
But there's also the good side. This lockout will truelly help Crosby. Having a year off to work on himself and to get healthier for the 2013-2014 season. The last lockout help save the career of Selanne. I heard that Selanne would of ended is career if the lockout wouldn't of happen. So I believe the truelly best won't effect them as much. But I know that it would of help the following player's Martin St.Louis (he should but never know),Lecavalier,Prospal,Ellias...
Good point about Selanne, the lockout actually helped him heal his injuries and gave him some much-needed rest. That's why I would give him minimal or no credit for the lockout season.

I agree about Crosby too. If the lockout hurts him, it's by depriving him of a premier season. However, such a season was far from guaranteed given his recent injuries. If he would have such an elite season, then he should be in even better condition for the next season (whenever that is). He will have about as much rest and healing as a player could possibly need, having played less than 30 games in 2 years, and he is only 25 so he has plenty of time to cement his legacy.

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