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Originally Posted by Monkeyhouse View Post
Also, Drakensang 1&2 are quite good (not AAA level games but similar to the Baldurs Gate type gameplay).
I couldn't play more than 20 hours or so of River of Time. The combat actually managed to be worse than NWN2, and that's doing something. It was the slowest most passive combat I've seen in an RPG. Everything else about the game was fine but man the combat was horrid.

Originally Posted by WhipNash27 View Post
So can anyone recommend any good RPGs? Newer RPGs, let's say post-2000 with over the shoulder view of your character at a minimum (not a fan of the overhead view RPGs).

Here's the list of what I have right now:
Deus Ex (bought, haven't played yet)
Deus Ex: HR (beat multiple times)
Dragon Age: Origins (just bought)
ES: Skyrim (played once)
Fallout 3 (finished once)
Fallout: NV (only played briefly)
SW: KOTOR (about to finish)
SW: KOTOR II (just bought)
Mass Effect 1, 2, 3 (played multiple times (3 only once))
The Witcher 1, 2 (played many times)

I figure ES: Morrowind would be one, although I'm not all that big into the open world games.
Deus Ex is the best game on your list. KOTOR 2 would be my second choice, get the Sith Lords Restored mod and the high def music/videos package.

Deus Ex has a nice selection of mods too, and a new high def texture mod was recently released.

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