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11-26-2012, 05:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Beechsack View Post
I wasn't implying that Fitz is Kelly, or Miller for that matter. It's the larger point; the most popular guy in town is the backup.

This is not a good team with Fitz. It's a worse team with Jackson. That's my logic.

Put your best team on the field every week. Don't tank for draft picks. If you want to make the argument that Jackson is BETTER than Fitz, and that's why he should start, then ok. I'll listen to that. Probably won't agree, but it's reasonable.

Saying Jackson should start because 'it can't be any worse' is a non starter for me.
I like it. Accept nothing less than the best, and begin taking steps towards a better team. Quit wasting years of our lives with stopgaps.
Originally Posted by HockeyH3aven View Post
Pretty much how I feel. I don't expect Jackson to light it up, and in fact he's probably worse. But you really don't know until you give the guy a shot. Sometimes it just takes the right system with the right personnel at the right time for guys to get it.
And what is "it", exactly - an end result of one, maybe two .500 seasons where the guy doesn't embarrass himself before Jackson proves exactly why he wasn't a starter in the first place. Why not save the aggravation and look for a legitimate longterm solution?

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