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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
From the last thread, people were talking about the governors group being better equipped than Rick's, meaning they should have been able to clear out the prison, but the whole point is that Rick's group are master zombie slayers now. They spent the last year surviving on their own using guns as little as possible, meanwhile Merle and co. have been taking their teeth out and fake wrestling with them.
Rick's group took the prison out of necessity. They had no place to go. The Governor's group would base it off of risk and reward. Is it worth it? Then again the decision was a result of Merle's opinion.

The Master Zombie tag for Rick's group doesn't fit. Both groups know how to handle Zombies at this point. The Governor has stressed numerous times the importance of conserving ammunition. Rick really had no choice at this point. He had to find a safe place for Lori to have the baby.

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