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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
that's one thing i always found about RPGs in general, is that the combat tends to be either mediocre or just flat out terrible.

Darks Souls does combat better than just about any game out there ...RPG or otherwise.
I think it takes a certain type to enjoy true RPG combat. I wouldn't put Dark Souls or any ARPG in that category. But even with that said RPG combat is largely mediocre as you said. Probably due to having to focus on dialog trees, character systems, quests, and a whole host of other things a lot of games don't have to worry about.

Speaking of KOTOR 2 ( and 1) both of those game have mediocre combat. But for a different reason, I think both have potential to be fun but the encounters are just way too easy and simple. It has lots of things going for it, many different builds and options, crafting, consumables, force powers.

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