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11-26-2012, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Ricky Bobby View Post
One so-so season from Bryz that was overmaginifed because of the HBO 24/7 series and he isn't even a decent goalie?
Bryz is an odd guy he has always played in a defensive heavy system. I mean look at Mike Smith now in Phoenix. He is putting up amazing numbers but just a year before that he was a borderline NHL goalie. I am not sold that Bryz is a decent goalie and his current play in the KHL paired with his play last year on a new team that is less defensive just seems to point to Bryz not being as good as his numbers state. Not too mention Burke had his shot at Bryz last year why would he now trade for him? Better question if Bryz is so great why is Philly trading him to Toronto only to bring in Luongo. If Bryz is great would seem quite counter productive and a misuse of assets.

Originally Posted by Cheddabombs View Post
Canucks arent my team so I dont have the pleasure of enjoying Luongo's goaltending... He is far from a backup however, and would most definitely be the starter on the Maple Leafs right now, dont kid yourself if you think otherwise. Just because his contract is pretty terrible, doesnt make him any worse of a goalie. He get's alot more flak than he deserves, and Im not a big fan of him myself but its hard to deny that he is a great goalie.

I dont think Luongo will be going to the Leafs though, I just dont see it personally.
The "back up" comment was more a reference to him be surpassed by Schneider. Would he make my leafs better? Yeah most likely? Does he make us a contender for the cup? No he just brings us back to the days of JFJ where we sold off our youth to try and push for the playoffs only to be taken out by the Juggernauts. Quite frankly I am tired of that cycle and will be more than happy to bottom feed for another 3 years if it means we finally build this team right. Don't kid yourself into thinking this team is a good goalie away from being a cup contender. We still have that gaping hole at C that needs to be filled.

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