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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
I think it takes a certain type to enjoy true RPG combat. I wouldn't put Dark Souls or any ARPG in that category. But even with that said RPG combat is largely mediocre as you said. Probably due to having to focus on dialog trees, character systems, quests, and a whole host of other things a lot of games don't have to worry about.

Speaking of KOTOR 2 ( and 1) both of those game have mediocre combat. But for a different reason, I think both have potential to be fun but the encounters are just way too easy and simple. It has lots of things going for it, many different builds and options, crafting, consumables, force powers.
back in the day when Baldur's Gate first came out, people were saying stuff like 'oh man, that game is awesome. you gotta play it.', etc, etc. ...

anyway, i tried it out and i just could not get into the combat at all. i was like 'no matter how good this game is supposed to be story wise, etc, i just can't suffer through this ****** combat'.

more recently, Dragon Age Origins reminded me of Baldur's Gate in that it had sort of the same combat that i generally dislike ...but i actually decided to put up with it this time around, and in the end, i enjoyed that game. i'm not a fan of that type of combat, but it was a good game and pretty interesting.

but yeah, i'm not really a fan of that slow paced, more old school, rpg combat. i find it generally pretty dull and somewhat unrewarding ...but i'm sure i missed out on plenty of good stories because of my avoidance of those games over the years.

and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim had some pretty mediocre combat ...primarily the melee combat. wow ...that left a lot of to be desired. aside from that, i really liked the game ...just wish the melee combat was a lot better.

for my tastes stuff like the Diablo series has pretty good combat ...i really like playing as a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3. really enjoy the combat there ...even tho it seems popular to hate on that game around the net.

Dark Souls = amazing combat. one of my favorite games ever ...Demon's Souls, too.

i wish i could find more games like that ....ones that have both excellent combat and good RPG elements.

i'd play the absolute **** out of any games like that.

oh one other game i played recently that i thought had decent combat was 'Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning'. pretty fun combat, and decent RPG elements ...but the game was so damn easy. that was the downside. i played it on 'normal' difficulty and it was just a complete breeze. i heard that 'hard' wasn't much more of a challenge, either. pretty good game otherwise.

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