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12-09-2003, 11:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger
You think Rupert Murdoch (and his son) give a damn what Larry Brooks writes? All they care about is selling newspapers. If you want to "hurt" the NYPost, stop reading Larry Brooks. The fact that you're responding to him just tells them you're hooked.'s a very unprofessional letter. It seems more like a rant, than a fan concerned with the quality of Brooks' articles. Keep in mind, these rumors are real. Regardless of who says what, talks were made between Slats and the Caps' management. That seems to be the consistent truth in all these 'rumors'. As it stands right now LB really isn't doing much else than stirring the pot a little bit. A pot, I might add, that has been simmering for a quite some time. Just my two cents.

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