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11-26-2012, 05:59 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD View Post

With as poor as the line has been, bringing in ANY starter-grade body would have been good.
Again, who? I'm not quite certain there were quality linemen that we could have afforded.

If nothing more than to give some competition. We entered the season with questions all across the offensive line and it has killed us.
Meh. Loadholt was decent, we entered with a solid rookie and a solid center though.

Carlson was a total, and predictable, waste. It was indefensible at the time and hopefully helps earn Speilman and crew their pink slips.
Not necessarily. It might be on the coaches that don't utilize him, Rudolph or Ellison that much. Or Ellison pushed him enough to get his spot. Who knows. It happens.

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