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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
You pick the one point out of my post? I was estimating the amount of time the average NHL player spends playing games, and practicing. I left out media relations, my bad, but nothing beyond that is required.

The reason I feel you are being obtuse is that I refuse to believe you can't see the difference between someone paying thousands of dollars out of their own pocket to attend school out of requirement, and someone being payed tens of thousands of dollars to "learn" the game of hockey right out of high school.

Your CHL question sounds like sarcasm, but if you were being sincere the minimum salary for a CHL player is $345 week if under 25 games played, and $390 a week if played more than 25.
$350/week is good, that's typical for an extended internship/stage. Didn't know that.

Stop thinking of pro sports as a "game", it's a job, a career requiring specialized skills.

The players spend a lot more than 20 hours a week on hockey, not including media interviews, I'm shocked you'd imply that. There's a lot more than games and practice. There's training at the gym a few hours a day (unless you're Gomez), there's travel times, etc. Being on an airplane 40 or 50 times a year -- that's rough.

There's also the fact that even when they're not working they're never really free; for a successful career they need to maintain a constant sleep schedule and never eat junk, never put their bodies in danger, etc.

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