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11-26-2012, 06:14 PM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
They're already going after ordinary guys. It's not either or. The difference is that locking out Joe Blow doesn't make the news, and if it does people will feel more sympathy for him. That's not the agenda, the agenda is for locked out individuals to be villainized.

This is a lot more public. The four lockouts in three sports in 2 years have captured the public's imagination, and we can see most people's attitudes: "damn players make too much money". It's the same as when people say teachers make too much money. It's setting a precedent.

This is clearly an effective strategy. Just read most people's posts. Check out some of the other boards.
Now I understand, when people agree with you, they are enlightened, when they don't, they are victims of brainwashing.

The article you cite is full of personal attacks and factual errors.

For example, there are many meetings between the PA and NHL that were attended by Bill Daly or Gary Bettman (on the NHL side) only, yet this article says this law firm "are the lead negotiators". So they are leading by not attending? Oh, I see.

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