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11-26-2012, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Captain Hook View Post
The owners obviously make their big bucks outside of hockey or in Mario's case during his playing career. Their big houses and rich lifestyles aren't necessarily a reflection of how much money their teams are making. Although the Pens with their new arena and a number of large market teams do probably make some decent money but some teams don't and I suppose that's the problem.
Originally Posted by BlindWillyMcHurt View Post
The deal for that house was in the works years ago.

And maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how this is even news, anyway. I don't have a side in this mess since I think both parties are completely wrong-headed. But if this non-story constitutes some sort of pro-PA talking point... then they are in much worse shape than I imagined.
Try explaining that on the business board and see how far you get. People don't seem to realize that an owner's personal bank account is a bit different than that of the team, esp since Mario is a minority owner.

Originally Posted by Chancellor Vitale View Post
Some thoughts that suggest this whole thing is being run by losers like Leonsis and Liepold, who can't figure out how to make a profit in a good hockey market, with full arenas... while the bigtime owners making money (Jacobs aside) are on the sidelines doing nothing.

Not sure how reliable this reporter or paper is but interesting thoughts.

That article is a bit strange. It makes a pity party out of Montreal & Toronto even though I believe Burke has been in the room for the league on a few occasions and Molson saying "he and other owners are being kept informed of the situation and that he has confidence in commissioner Gary Bettman and his small inner circle of owners.".

Sounds like even if they're not at the table, they're just as involved as the "losers" Leopold & Leonsis.

Also, Pat Hickey is the guy who called out Theo Fleury for being a hypocrite for being silent after his sexual abuse.

Finally, this may seem bad, and I'm definitely glad the players are raising money for charities and awareness, but I really no interest in the games themselves.

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