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11-26-2012, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JCD View Post
We clearly need more help than Kalil and Schwartz (zero starts BTW). Johnson isn't the only problem. Fusco has been getting destroyed out there and Sullivan is looking very ordinary. Granted, he has back-ups on either side of him, but he is supposed to be a cornerstone.

With as poor as the line has been, bringing in ANY starter-grade body would have been good. If nothing more than to give some competition. We entered the season with questions all across the offensive line and it has killed us. Worse, if Ponder has no hope of developing what little talent he does have getting constantly tossed around. His confidence is clearly rattled.

Carlson was a total, and predictable, waste. It was indefensible at the time and hopefully helps earn Speilman and crew their pink slips.
Johnson isn't that great and Schwartz should start over Fusco but the line hasn't even been that bad. According to ProFootballFocus, they're 11th in pass blocking, 2nd in run blocking, and 3rd best overall. That's only one person's (or website's) opinion but they are a credible site.

Ponder makes the line look worse than it actually is. He still hasn't improved on the things they said he was working on all offseason. He doesn't step up when he should, other times he steps up when he should roll out, or he just hangs onto the ball for too long. Last season you could just tell that the line was a complete disaster and changes needed to be made. I haven't gotten that feeling at all this season.

Carlson is definitely a free agent bust.

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