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Originally Posted by Protest the Hero View Post
We were shown early in the season how good they are at working together to take out hordes of zombies, and they made a point to mention how there is no way a group of 10 could clear out that prison. That's how they are playing it up on the show.
Merle's opinion. Governor had not been there as far as we know. You are overstating all of this. They took the prison, yes. The also lost T-Dogg and Lori in the process. Herschel lost a leg and nearly died as well as Carol was left for dead. You really think the Governor's group would have had the same difficulties with this? They have better weapons and there are more effective fighters in that group.

Rick's group doesn't stand a chance in a stand up fight with the Governor's group. It really shouldn't play out that way.

Somebody mentioned Michonne looked impressed as the group worked together. She was watching the prisoner and my thought was she wasn't impressed at all. Of course, that's how she always looks.

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