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11-26-2012, 06:29 PM
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Obviously it is a personal thing. I can not stand action combat - click, click, click type. Give me a combat that has some strategy involved like Baldurs Gate or DA:Orgins. Something that I can pause and think about my moves and find the best path to success. Click, click is more popular obviously so when a game comes out that has strategy combat (rarely) I tend to love it.

It just does not feel like a true RPG to me when it is all hack and slash and click click (for me those just feel like a FPS with stats); a true RPG to me takes thought and strategy, combat much like a chess game.

Again, obviously a personal thing but I wish there were more RPGs with pause/issue orders type combat. I guess I grew up on that as well as live DnD and that feels true to me; click, click combat feels mindless and unsatisfying/ ie.if you click fast you do good if you dont you die.

Probably could use its own thread on its own.

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