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11-26-2012, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Cheddabombs View Post
If we're discussing Luongo going to the Leafs than the fact that Schnieder has surpassed him has little relevance. No where did I say the Leafs would be instant cup contenders with Lou in net but they would quite obviously be a much better team and definitely a playoff contender.

Having said all that, I am a firm believer that Allaire was the big problem behind the Leafs goaltending situation. Now that he is gone, I think the Leafs goaltending will improve without them needing to make a move to acquire another goalie.
Time will tell if it was Allaire I still think The Monster will surprise people in Detroit and I am hoping at least one of our goalie prospects pan out to be a capable starter. Also you have completely missed my point on the "back up." it was more or less a shot at the absurd asking price of Jake Gardiner, JVR, etc. Ask leaf fans hell just go back to the countless posts made in these Lou threads we are more than comfortable without Lou if the asking price is that. Is Mike Gillis and Co happy with having a man who is making 10 million sitting on the bench? Because I have this feeling the owners are not thrilled having that kind of cash going to a guy who is not helping them.

Originally Posted by ginner classic View Post
There is no bigger hole on the Leafs right now than in net. That could not be more clear. The Center ice problem is a huge one too, but I've seen teams do OK with a few second line centers. It's happened with the Canucks, and obviously this past year with the Coyotes. Heck, you could argue Boston won the cup without a legit first line center.

You cannot escape bad goaltending and bad coaching. Nothing you do can overcome that.

The good news is at least there is a player available that can solve the goalie issue. Can't say the same thing about center.
True we have a hole at goal but does Lou address this long term? As I have pointed out before will he be around when all of our young talent is ready to compete? I doubt he will which is why I am against giving up the hefty price of a guy like Gardiner or JVR for a goalie who is only a stop gap solution. I am tired of stop gap solutions for once I would like us to get a young goalie and let him develop.

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